Mos Def Explains Why Kanye West Was Bound To Win 2007 Release Day Battle With 50 Cent: Report

Mos Def Explains Why Kanye West Was Bound To Win 2007 Release Day Battle With 50 Cent: Report

We’re now not positive why Drink Champs made their episode with Yasiin Bey, Talib Kweli, and Dave Chappelle non-public, but it surely used to be just lately to be had to the general public, however for a short lived second. The standard collection used to be all set to host a glance from (*50*) Star, however excellent buddy Chappelle stopped via so as to add to the dialog. We’ll see a lot more from the crowd as Noreaga and DJ EFN chat with all of them about their careers in addition to get their takes on popular culture moments, however a quote from Mos Def has Hip Hop speaking.Prior to the episode being briefly taken down, Hip Hop Lately reported that Mos spoke about Kanye West and 50 Cent liberating albums at the identical day again in September 2007.

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At the time, Ye shared Graduation and Fif dropped Curtis, and after all, it used to be West’s vintage that will take the crown. It used to be reported that Kanye’s Graduation pulled in nearly 300K extra devices than Curtis the primary week, and Mos weighed in with why West reigned right through that second.”It was the whole battle that they were very happy to have. Kanye had a listening session that was in a movie theater, I will never forget it,” Mos reportedly said. “And what Kanye did is that you came into the movie theater and he has programs with all of the songs and some of the lyrics and caramel popcorn and like, edited visuals from [anime] movies that he liked and played that in [sync] to the music.””The moment he did that, I was like ‘Kanye wins,'” he added. “I don’t even care what [50] got in the tank he is not topping this album at this time. It’s just no way, it was so creative.Graduationis like aThrillermoment that people don’t appropriately appreciate.”Mos additionally mentioned that Fif “don’t have nothing in response to that” and he used to be “riding the tide that Kanye created.” At the time, the 2 rapperswere feeding into the hype via showing in interviews in combination and playfully teasing one any other.Graduation moved over 950K that first week by way of Billboard’s information record from 2007.[via][via]
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