Eric Adams Parties With KRS-One In Honor Of Hip-Hop’s 49th Anniversary

Eric Adams Parties With KRS-One In Honor Of Hip-Hop's 49th Anniversary

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It turns out like New York mayor Eric Adams cannot say no to a birthday celebration. The guy is continuously noticed on the Big Apple’sbiggest occasions, and has dubbed himselfNew York’s first “hip-hop mayor.”Mayor Adamsattempted to additional solidify this moniker on Thursday night time, the place he wasseen rubbing shoulders with hip-hop icons whilst celebrating the 49th anniversary of the style. The birthday celebration used to be hosted via DJ Tony Touch, and noticed some rap legends in attendance, together with Kurtis Blow, KRS-One, and Kool DJ Red Alert.Eric Adams

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According to a supply who spoke toPage Six, “everybody was so happy and grateful to see[Adams] and mingle with him.” He made his method across the match, which used to be held at Toca’s Playhouse in Union Square, and gave the impression to be having a good time. “He was listening to peoples stories and everyone was expressing their gratitude of him,” mentioned thePage Sixsource.”There was a lot of love in the room.”Another supply claimed that Adams’ partying way of life is in fact in provider of the town. “He knows where to be! Nightlife is part of the recovery [of New York City] and he knows that. He knows where to be and its not just places like Zero Bond,” they mentioned.When it involves going to a number of events, Adams could be NYC’s “hip-hop mayor,” however in terms of protecting exact rappers, he appears to be a long way from a pal to the neighborhood. When C-Blu used to be arrested in March and statements from the arresting officials ended up being “wholly discredited,” the hip-hop mayor used to be fast to protect the police.[via]
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