Adrien Broner Backs Out Of Figueroa Fight Due To Mental Health Issues

Adrien Broner Backs Out Of Figueroa Fight Due To Mental Health Issues

The boxing international has been shaken up through Adrien Broner’s fresh announcement. It has been a few 12 months and a part since Broner stepped within the ring for a qualified bout, and he used to be set to move head-to-head in opposition to Omar Figueroa Jr. this Saturday (August 20). Fans had been expecting this combat for a while, however this morning, Broner surprised lovers through saying that he used to be backingout of the combat because of his psychological well being issues.Ahead of his Hard Rockmatch upin Florida, Broner penned a word to Instagram pointing out that he has been going thru a number of non-public problems that call for his consideration.

“Sorry to all my fans but #MentalHealth is real and Im not about to play inside the ring,” stated Broner. “Ive watched a lot of people die playing with they boxing career and that is something I wont do just pray for me I love the sport of boxing to much to not give my all and I feel Like I came up short before because my mind wasnt 100% there and I be dam if I make that mistake again.”He added that he wanted to concentrate on himself earlier than seeking to make others glad.”In all reality I have nothing to prove to nobody Im a 4 time world champion in 4 different weight classes and if I never lace up a pair of gloves again I feel like its safe to say I will be inducted into the #BoxingHallOfFame,” Broner added. “So I have to step back and overcome this obstacle before I go put my life on the line inside the square circle again I know Im far from being finished with the sport SEE YALL SOON.”However, Figueroa does not imagine Broner and informed TMZ he thinks his opponent subsidized out as a result of he wasn’t ready.”What really passe me off is that now this mf wants to use #MentalHealth as a fkn excuse,” wrote Figueroa, who reportedly has been identified with ADHD, despair, and extra. “That I have ‘a problem’ w because that’s BS! You don’t get to cry #MentalHealth now, mf!…”You do not get to undermine mine and numerous different’s (sic) adventure and struggles w #MentalHealth on account of your undisciplined/infantile dumb ass!”

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